Best Affordable Chef Knives

Has this season brought out the chef hidden inside of you? Cooking has become more than just a chore. People have started using it for expressing themselves, and even as art. In that form of expression comes precision and accuracy too. Now, are you a sucker for clean-cut meat or sharply diced veggies? 

If yes, it seems like you just hit the jackpot! This article focuses on the best affordable chef knives out there. The lot will satisfy your cutting and slicing desires. You will find chopping a nut just as effortless as slicing off the delicate ends of a garlic bud! 

So, without spending another minute on introductory talks, delve right into the best affordable chef knives for you!.

Best Affordable Chef Knives

Also known as a cook’s knife, chef knives were originally designed for the slicing and disjointing of beef. But if you follow any cook, you might know that they are more of a general-utility knife today. 

In the Western half of the world, there are two types of chef knives: The French and the German. Meanwhile, you have other popular variants like Japanese gyuto and Santoku knife, amongst many others. However, with each type, the specialty of the knife changes. 

Some of those high-end branded knives could cost you more than a hundred dollars or so. However, you just read about how the chef knife is more of a general-utility knife today. And given the face, spending insanely on the same does not make sense. 

So, scroll away to take a look at the best affordable chef knives that will ease your decision-making.

Victorinox Fibrox pro chef  knife

Several buyers say that the Victorinox Fibrox pro chef knife is one of the best affordable chef knives out there. At a price less than half of the fancy-branded knives, this one offers a quality just as crisp. 

It is an eight-inch long blade made of lightweight European steel. One of the best features it offers is the length and sloping shape. Again, be it chopping of rocky dicing, buyers have confirmed that it proves ideal for their every-day use. 

If you are new to the activity of cooking, it easy to use regardless of your pace or force. In addition to that, it has a convenient grip in the form of a non-slip ergonomic handle. So, you do not need to worry about the knife easily slipping out of your hand. 


  • Stainless steel edge, tapered: efficient and sharp cutting
  • Blade: sharp and laser tested 
  • Ergonomic handle: no-slip grip


  • Possible chipping
  • Heavier than your average knife

J.A. Henckels International classic serrated utility knife

In your experience with cooking so far, have you ever had trouble slicing through tomato skin? Well, a lot of us share that frustration with you. Luckily enough, we have J.A. Henckels International’s classic serrated utility knife that solves the problem in seconds. 

The brand is known for its knives that are designed out of German stainless steel in Spain. Its fully forged construction offers the ideal balance. Besides, the satin-finished blade ensures that the knife will last you for a long time. 

Just like the above knife, this one has an ergonomic handle as well. Additionally, you will also find three rivets attached to it. The sharp teeth on the edge of the knife assist you in the trickiest of chopping and slicing. Be it any fruit or vegetable, no more struggling with the skin! And if you are a bread lover, the quick work on crusts will leave you just as impressed. 


  • Germain stainless steel: lasts long
  • Satin-finished blade: for fine chopping and slicing
  • Ergonomic handle: aids effortless cutting


  • The handle could be too thin for big hands 
  • Edges do not work well for cutting through meat

Mercer Culinary Genesis forged chef  Granton edge knife

Next on the list of best affordable chef knives is one of Mercer Culinary’s best sellers. It is yet another chef-recommended knife that will make sure your cooking is effortless. Besides, Mercer Culinary is known for the high-carbon German steel forged knives. 

This one has an eight-inch long blade with a taper-ground edge. It adds not just to a good balance but also stability in sharpness. Additionally, it has a full tang running along the length of the handle. 

Again, its ergonomic and Santoprene-made handle offers a comfortable grip that reduces the chances of it slipping out of your hands. 


  • Santoprene handle: no-slip grip
  • Taper-ground: easy and effortless slicing
  • high-carbon German steel: corrosion-resistant


  • Might chip easily
  • The handle might be short/small for large hands


The unbeatable cutting-edge technology is what makes this product one of the best affordable chef knives. The razor is of the sharpest in the market, and the full-tang high-carbon German steel validates it. 

Moreover, the edge is also hand-polished at 14 to 16 degrees from both sides. Needless to say, its temperateness complements the stainless steel durability. Did you know that Dalstrong is also known for the award-winning design entailed in this product? 

It is engineered at a hardness of 56+ Rockwell standard and offers a satin finish as well. The tapered but flexible manufacturing lets you slice through effortlessly. Besides, the blade length enhances knuckle clearance too.


  • Award-winning design
  • Stainless steel: durable
  • No-slip grip


  • The handle might be small for large hands

Chef Knives Buyer’s Guide

You just read through the selects of the best affordable chef knives. However, how do you make the final choice even after shortlisting a bunch of them? For starters, hold a knife and feel the way it fits. If you are an oldie in cooking, you will know when it is right.

In case you are new to knife-shopping, here is a quick guide for you to make your choice.


The first thing you would need to do is hold a wide range of knives in your working hand. Try out the different experiences they give you. The significance behind it is that hefty knives cut more effortlessly because of the force of its falling. 

However, depending on your style, a lighter knife offers more freedom to maneuver the knife. 


A typical chef knife will be about eight inches in length because of the versatility it offers in chopping and slicing. However, with a ten-inch blade, you can cover a much greater volume. Meanwhile, a chef knife with a six-inch-long blade can offer you agility. 

So, depending on your priority or skillset, you can choose the ideal blade size.


There is no field of activity in which balance is not one of the imperatives. The same is the case with your chef knife. You can judge this aspect of a knife by gripping it by the handle. As per the previous pointer, check how the weight falls to decide if it is comfortable or not. 

Unbalanced knives toughen your job. Besides, nobody needs to remind you that instability in chopping and cutting can be very risky. 

Wrap Up

Think of a chef knife like it is your dance partner. If it’s the right fit for you, the outcome will naturally be comforting with grace and elegance. This article tried to place the best affordable chef knives for you. 

Since it has become more of a general-utility knife, features that are supreme in versatility are a priority. If possible, try holding a range of knives in your hands to see which one suits you the best!

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