Best Carbon Steel Chef Knife

There are a lot of things one must consider when they buy a knife. One aspect is to consider what the use of the knife is. The other aspect to consider is what material you want the knife to be made of.

If you are someone who is already into knives, you would know that knives of the best quality are made from the material – carbon steel. However, these knives generally need more upkeep when you compare them to stainless steel knives.

Even the best carbon steel chef knife is required to be treated using mineral oil to prevent rust formation on them. It also needs to be sharpened with something known as a whetstone before using it.

The sharpness and accuracy

When it comes to the sharpness, the level of sharpness of a carbon steel chef knife is like no other. Every slice that you cut with a carbon steel knife will have great accuracy and precision. This is something chefs would love to invest in as they need precision while working quickly in restaurants.

If giving some extra attention to a knife is something you don’t mind doing, the best carbon steel chef knife is something worth investing in.

Best carbon steel chef knife list

The following is a list of the best carbon steel chef knives that are available in the market.

Wusthof Carbon Steel Chef Knife Set

Wusthof is a family brand that sells knives since the year 1814 by Johann Abraham Wusthof. They sell all kinds of knives and are based in Germany.  

If embracing carbon steel knives is something you are into, the Wusthof is the best carbon steel chef knife for you.

This company offers a mini set or collection of carbon steel knives, which are 3 slicers in total. There is one knife of 8-inches that is a chef knife, one 6-inch knife that is a utility knife, as well a 3.5-inches knife that is a paring knife.

Once you purchase this collection, you are all set for all kinds of activities. These knives are resistant to corrosion, and every knife has a blade angle that is 16 degrees. There is also a handle that has triple rivets along with a full complete tang.


With these knives, you will be prepared for any kind of cutting in the kitchen.


These knives have a very simple design that is not the most appealing visually. 

Brooklyn Knife Co. Company Gyuto Carbon Steel Knife

Brooklyn knife company was founded in Brooklyn, New York, with the founders also from the same place. The uniqueness of these knives is that they can stand the test of time. 

If you are looking for the best carbon steel chef knife to try for the first time, Brooklyn Knife Co.’s chef knife based on carbon steel is great to go.

A gyuto knife is a Japanese style chef knife that is very durable. There is a blade that shops all kinds of meat as finely as you can chop your vegetables.

It looks pretty good when you consider the affordability of it.


This knife is on the rugged side. It can achieve almost anything you put to task with it. 


Although it is designed well, some users claim that it is a fussy knife. 

Dalstrong Shogun X Knife Set Block

If you are already somewhat convinced about the features of a carbon steel knife, this knife set will totally convince you to invest in it.

Dalstrong company started in the year 2012 and is constantly using many innovative ideas and applying them to culinary tools. 

The shogun series X offered by Dalstrong has knives that are designed over 60 days. They feature an A G10 handle, steel that is AUS 10 V, and a hammer finish that is Tsuchime based. It is also sharpened by hand to an 8-12 degree angle.


The set consists of 5 pieces and not just 1 or 2 pieces. 


The breadth of this set might be too overwhelming for those who have just entered into the world of carbon steel knives. 

What Should I Know About Carbon Steel Knives?

The blade is the part of a knife that is used to cut the item it needs to. Therefore, this part of a knife needs to be very sharp and efficient. 

A carbon steel knife is very easy to sharpen and is much harder than just regular steel. Additionally, these knives hold their edge for a longer time. However, carbon steel can be vulnerable to rusting as well as staining. It is also a little on the brittle side of materials. 

Many chefs need to rest even their best carbon steel chef knife for one day to restore the oxidizing patina. This avoids the transfer of the odd metallic taste that comes from the blade to food.  

Carbon steel knives also require high maintenance, so you need to remember this before you go buy one. 

Also, you shouldn’t be using even the best carbon steel chef knife to cut extremely hard foods like frozen foods, bones, as well as shells. 

Summing Up

After reading the above article, it is natural to want to have the best carbon steel chef knife immediately. But we urge you not to make a rash decision. 

There are now many companies that are into carbon steel knives, and it might take you some time to understand how to maintain it. However, the best carbon steel chef knife is that which will cut extremely well and lasts for a long time.  

The other knife blade materials are stainless steel, high-carbon stainless steel, Damascus type knife, and ceramic knives. 

Most chefs like using carbon steel knives are chefs are usually shirt on time in restaurants and need a blade that is quick to cut as well as precise. Since stainless-steel is generally softer, it is not able to stay sharp for a long time. It loses its sharpness quickly. 

Chefs use knives so often, and if they keep getting blunt, it can be frustrating to keep sharpening it. 

Although every kind of knife needs to be sharpened some time or the other, very frequent sharpening is not required with carbon steel blades. 

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